There comes a time…

I feel like I’m pregnant. Not with child. (Don’t freak out, Mom). But there comes a time in every writer’s life when their creative energy is flowing much more profusely than normal. Let’s call it the “Creative Period.” Wow, you guys. That’s clever. I just realized how clever that is NOW after typing it out. What I was trying to do was compare it to a women’s menstrual cycle, but like “Creative Period” makes sense too…


Currently I am on my Creative Period. Stories, scenarios, characters keep popping in and out of my head but too fast for me to grab on to. I’m inspired, but uninspired. It’s like I’m waiting for the right thought/idea to come along. I feel… important, or… I don’t know, influential and giddy. I see a story in everything. I want everyone’s story told, even the one’s I make up in my head. Especially those. Because who’s is gonna hear them if you don’t tell them aloud?

That’s the great thing about storytelling. They pass on from generation to generation. They exhaust our hearts and our minds. They fill us with hope, love, pain, and encourage our imagination.

I wish I knew how to express my thoughts in words, but no language can ever suffice.


5 thoughts on “There comes a time…

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, well for one last night i woke up at four o’clock in the morning because a scenario that seemed so epic popped into my head i woke up got out of bed and wrote it down. I hate that feeling of missing out on my own great idea. You know what I mean, check out my blog, let me know what you think about my writing.


      1. Yea I thought you would say that, i think the best writers are the ones that can use real life experience and turn it into something epic and dramatic. something as simple as a dentist appointment becomes an adventure to the edge of earth to find a remedy to save a village or something like that lol


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