I’ve got BIG NEWS

Guys, I am super excited and I must share it with you… well, only because I’ve only blogged once this week, and I promised I’d aim for twice a week… I actually don’t care about you knowing at all. I don’t give a SHIT. Ha. Ha. I’m just kidding. I actually do want to tell you… (to brag. wut?)

Okay… so I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity. Here’s the backstory: I took a Fiction Writing class last semester, and I absolutely loved it. I loved the teacher (he looked like Louis Tomlinson) and he had us do exercises like “Rewrite the dialogue in this page in Twilight because it’s crap. Fix it.” But anyway, I wrote two short stories for that class, and I ended up meeting with him to put him on the spot, and ask him if he might want to get married and start a family. HA. No, I asked him if I had potential as a writer, because I don’t want to strive for something, and waste my life doing something I’m not even good at. Anyway, he told me I had potential, and gosh, my heart darn near skipped a beat. I immediately called my mom. “Mom, guess what? I’m pregnant….with glee.”

So that’s the backstory. Now to the real story.

I got an email over Christmas Break from a Dr. Paul, head of the Honors Program and an English professor. This is what it said, “StephanieDr. Rodden has recommended you for the Juniper Summer Institute (creative writing) at the University of Massachusetts. Over the years, the Honors Program has helped support such opportunities. I’d very much like to meet with you about the program–and some funding for it.” That is exactly what it said. I copied and pasted it.

So I freaked, duh. I immediately called my mom. “Mom, I’m gonna die.”

Basically, you go there and get partnered with a professional writer, and attend seminars, and just grow as a writer. OF COURSE I’M GOING TO DO THIS. AND I’M GOING TO BE FUNDED! HOW IS THIS A THING?

I met with Dr. Paul yesterday, and he said only two people were recommended by Rodden, and according to Dr. Paul, Rodden pointed to my name emphatically. I can’t get over that word. Seriously, I feel elated. Emphatically elated. It’s nice when your parents praise you for the things you accomplish, but when a professional points at your name emphatically, it’s feels completely different.

Medium-lengthed story made short: I’m gonna go, and they are going to pay half my way. You guys? The future doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Below in the comment box you may praise my good name.



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