Guess who got a job?! ME! I did. I got a job. I mean, I already kinda have a job as the Lifestyle Editor for my college newspaper (toot, toot), but I got another job! More money! I always need more money! So, yes, I am now employed with Forever 21… and the best part is… I GET DISCOUNTS!

I’m clearly in it for aaallll the right reasons.

Also, you should know: I am sitting on the toilet right now blogging. Yes, I just peed, and I’m still sitting here, blogging. That’s how dedicated I am. *cough* you didn’t blog last week, Steph *cough* Excuse me, left hemisphere (of the brain) clearly delusional? I did blog. I blogged all day. I blogged all night. I blogged in my sleep. I blog. You blog. We all blog to blog.

I really need to shut up. I try not to get too annoying in these posts, but my inner obnoxious always ends up coming out. Now I know who I truly am, and frankly my dear, I’m disappointed.


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