Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Have A Job Yet:

1) The deadly case of procrastination. (that sounds like a book title)

2) My stupid boyfriend. He keeps me busy 😉 We play video games and stuff. #nerds

3) I am a lazy human being, waiting for life to hand what I need over.

4) I sleep too long. I woke up at one in the afternoon today.

5) Let’s be honest, I’d rather spend my summer eating food and sleeping and watching Game of Thrones.

6) THERE ARE NO JOBS! This is probably just an excuse, though.

7) I’m scared of the expectations and failure. I have terrible anxiety.

8) I’m busy playing Fable and Skyrim.

9) I’m being held captive by a horde of tiny Chinese men.

10) My legs broke, and I can’t walk.

Oh well.


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