I’ve been slacking and I’m sorry

Guys, I’m sorry. I’ve been absent for far too long.

I’ve been busy…. sleeping and…. playing videogames… and reading.

I also have managed to get my parents hooked on Game of Thrones. I spent probably the whole of today going over the Houses and characters with my mother who insisted on memorizing EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. It was really fun for me, though. I also drew up some family trees for my dad, because let’s be honest, Game of Thrones can get pretty confusing.

I started reading the first book and so far the show follows it almost perfectly. I thought it might be kind of hard for me to get into the book seeing as I’ve already seen all the episodes up to the most recent, but it’s actually really fun. It’s so much different than watching the show….obviously. I feel like I’m understanding things a little bitter upon reading the book, and God knows I need help in that department.

I’ve also recently started writing my book again. I read a blog that informs people on how to go about publishing their book, and that sorta motivated me, so I’ve been editing and adding in stuff. Hopefully I can finish this one. I have everything planned out. The beginning, the middle (sorta), and the end. My character arcs have been thought out, and conflicts, betrayals and romances have been considered. Now, I just need the perfect words to make it into a bestseller. May the force be with me.




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