When I’m depressed/anxious, you should:

  • Play with my hair
  • Rub my back
  • Tell me a story
  • Listen
  • Walk with me
  • Scream with me
  • Take care of me
  • Make sure I go outside
  • Read to me
  • Watch a movie with me
  • Tell me I’m beautiful
  • Tell me I’m okay
  • Expect nothing from me
  • Make me feel safe
  • Whisper
  • Stay calm
  • Hold me (when I’m ready)
  • Wrap me up in blankets
  • Let me cry
  • Fluff my pillows
  • Fix me dinner
  • Give me space
  • Act normal
  • Help me feel normal
  • Watch TV shows with me
  • Massage my feet
  • Sit with me and say nothing
  • Be patient
  • Smile
  • Kiss my forehead
  • Wait for me to come back

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