NYC Cuisine

Lean Cuisine. I am in firm belief that this is the microwavable food of the Gods. I have never before been so convinced. Each bite is like heaven, each forkful a blessing. Really though. I’ve never had such good microwavable food, and dammit, the serving size is measly! It’s as if they are meant for people going on diets. Psh.

Tonight I had Chicken Marsala, and it definitely put the mar in my sala, if you know what I’m saying. You probably don’t. I’m not even sure what I’m saying. You’d think it would taste bad, ya know? It’s microwavable chicken. Gross, right? No. Shut up. The gravy was sooo good, and the rice and peas were in this perfectly flavored sauce and I couldn’t get enough, I swear! I have yet to get a bad batch. Each one I have tried has been amazing! It’s like fine dining, except not at all. It’s like…a cuisine. HA!

I have some amazing news. No, there was no food fight in the cafeteria. This is better!

So, my dad, for my mom’s birthday, bought her a hotel room and tickets to see Jersey Boys in NYC this weekend. Not just any hotel, guys. The Double Tree in Times Square. So that’s fun. Anyway, I went home yesterday, and my mom was like “Steph, you should come to New York with us,” and I was all like, “But mom, don’t you and dad want to have hot hotel room sex?” (I actually said that, yes). And she was like, “NOOOOOO!!!!” She was like yelling NO at me. How silly of me to think that husbands and wives like to have sex? What a funny person I am thinking such a thing. So then I was like, “Okay that sounds fun.” AND NOW I’M GOING TO NYC THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

The room only has one king bed, so Tyler and I will sleep on the floor while my brother sacks out with my parents. He’s 16. He’ll probably want the floor. HAHA NOPE.

Tyler has never been to the city before so I’m gonna show him around, eat some amazing pizza from a place I shalt not tell you of (don’t want any stalkers), and do NYC type things, like hit people in the back of the head and run away. That’s such a NYC thing to do. I don’t partake in such things however. (self-righteous face)

The last time I went to New York, One Direction was there, so that occupied MOST of my time. Yes, I found their hotel. No, I did not wait hours upon hours for them to come out. I only waited like an hour and a half.

Shoot, I really wanted to talk about North Korea. Next post.


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