I ate pizza tonight, so that’s fun…

While I’m writing this, I’m singing the words in my head, so if you could do the same while reading this, that would probably be a good idea. Just this sentence though. Stop singing…..NOW.

I came home today from college to visit my boyfriend Tyler. We went to Belle Isle in Richmond for the day, laid out on some rocks, acquired a touch of sun burn, and stuck our feet in the freezing water of the James River. It’s actually a really beautiful place. It was so crowded today. There were literally people everywhere, including girls wearing very skimpy bathing suits. Cuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeee.

I was gonna post a picture of myself, but then I thought, mmmmmm better not.

I had pizza tonight. CRAZY RIGHT?

I’m also extremely tired, and I had a headache but it went away. Jesus, I don’t know what I’m blabbing about. This is the most boring post I’ve ever written.

I’ll leave you with this:

What makes us “who we are?” Does this question carry any weight at all? Why does it matter “who we are?” I was thinking last night that no one can tell us who we are, or what we are more likely or unlikely to do. What I want to do at the time, I will do. I may be a super shy person, but sometimes I want to go party, dance, and drink with random strangers. So how can we know who we are then? I have come to the conclusion that there is no “who we are”, but instead, we are what we do.


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