Lesson #4: Don’t research ISIS in bed right before going to sleep

With all of this chaos happening in Paris, I decided to do a little research and update myself on current events.

I read about what happened in Paris, and saw some pretty graphic pictures. And this was CNN (I think)! This news stuff is getting bold, my friends. Then I read ALL about the Syrian war and how ISIS came into existence, and then I read about their beheadings. And then, being the curious, yet messed up person I am, I looked up pictures. I have regrets.

Luckily my brain had my back. Not literally of course. That would look weird. You know those super surreal moments in our lives that makes us feel like we’re hovering in the clouds, above it all? Yeah, that’s a defense mechanism. Basically, your brain goes, “Woah! NO! That is a head… not attached to a body. Oh Jesus, is that blood? Oh God…. #nope. Let’s detach.” And then it does. And you feel like you’re looking at stills from a new movie coming out, or you’re gazing through a thin veil, or you’re dreaming. Your brain doesn’t want to believe what you’re seeing is real, and that’s why, as I looked at those gruesome pictures, I didn’t cry or throw up or gasp or scream. I flipped through them with neutral, yet sad eyes. What I was seeing is a tragedy, but neither I nor my brain could relate. And it certainly did not want to.

And as I closed my eyes to finally let myself drift off, I prayed that I’d have good dreams, preferably without the severed heads. And then I prayed for peace.

Lesson learned? Don’t research ISIS at 11:00 at night. 

Peace be with those who’ve lost.


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