A future unwritten

I think it might have been a month since I posted. BUT I have good reason.

I believe I mentioned I got a job; well, I’ve been working in said new job for about three weeks now. It’s a lot of sitting, and a lot of writing/editing, both of which are great for me. I have found something that fulfills my need to help people and my passion for writing.

However, nothing good comes without its challenges. I’m emotionally…kapoot. I’m transitioning into this person I don’t know at all, and on top of that, I’m moving out of my house, the house I’ve grown up in, tomorrow. Luckily, I’ll be living with my best friend from college, but my heart has ceased to beat below 25 mph. I believe that’s deadly in some countries.

All these changes are good. Life IS change, and I have to get used to it. For some odd reason, I took a job that required frequent travel. Have I mentioned how much I hate planes? Not because they are planes, but because I’m worried my anxiety will creep up, and I’ll have no where to go, so the only way I can escape is by latching on to the partly digested food making its way up my throat and out my mouth, all over my lap and the person’s next to me.

I’m terrified, but excited. I want to run away, and move forward, so I’m stuck in place, wanting what I’m most afraid of.


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