A little monotonous

After broadening my literary repertoire (?), and delving into the deep depths of Mark Twain, Sylvia Plath, and Paulo Coehlo, I’ve come to realization. A lot of Young Adult novels today are written with a terribly shallow hand. I never noticed this before because I had hardly any comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories in YA novel (however monotonous they grow each day), but GOOD GOD! Must you make sure to add each, every little detail on how she stirred in soup? On the color of the sky? On the color is eyes? Must you fall in love with the first boy you meet?! Must you complicate things by meeting another boy, really kinda sorta same as the original, but gosh, who will she choose?

Also, I’ve noticed something else. Many, many, many YA books do this. Girl hates life, but girl has boy, but boy makes girl’s life better, but no, they do not date; only best friends. In the first book, girl has epiphany. Girl confused. Girl angry. Girl sad. Girl want to kiss boy, but no, God forbid you cut the tension. Girl goes on journey, physical or mental, and comes back with knowledge. Boy missed her. Boy wants girls. Then book two comes along, and another boy comes to complicate and piss off the original boy. This always happens in the second book. The Selection. Twilight. The Maze Runner (gender difference). Shatter Me. Delirium. Enclave. The Infernal Devices. Uglies. The Hunger Games (kinda). And in this second book, the original boy is always really depressed, and acts like he hates the girl. Divergent.

Again, I love a good YA novel. In fact, I’m reading one now. But these monotonous plots get a little monotonous after a while.


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