So, like, I want to be a writer…

But, like, I don’t write everyday. Writers tell writers they must write everyday in order to be a good writer. Am I bad writer because I don’t write everyday? Must I write everyday to be a good writer? Will not writing everyday make me into a bad writer? Or are there more like me – writers who don’t write?

See… I write when I feel inspired, which is rarely. Take my blog for instance. I used to post on here everyday because I was excited about it. Now, I only post when I acquire the energy to open up my computer, sign on, and move my fingers in rapid succession to express my true inner feelings and ponderings.

Someone justify my feelings of doubt. Someone make me feel a little bit less alone. ‘Cause being alone is so uninspiring.


2 thoughts on “So, like, I want to be a writer…

  1. You’re not a bad writer if you don’t write everyday. The best stuff comes out when you are inspired, and it’s hard to force it out when you’re not in the mood. I’ve had the same problem in the past so on days I couldn’t write I did some reading instead…I found that helped.

    Remember the only person who can you how to write is you, because whatever you produce is yours and you did it your own way.



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