Short guys creep me out

Short guys creep me out, and not just short guys, but short guys who think they are tall. I know they didn’t choose to look like a midget, but just the fact that when I stand next to them I’m practically a skyscraper… it’s just a bit unsettling. I realize I’m tall for a girl (at 5’8”) but how can that five feet five inches standing in front of you make you want to rip your panties off. Well, it doesn’t make me want to. It makes me want to put an extra set on.

Look, guys are supposed to be taller than girls. It’s just how it’s supposed to be. Where in our line of evolution did men suddenly lose five inches? I don’t hate short guys. Let me clarify. I just hate when their height is like this weird white elephant in the room and they pretend it’s not a fact. Make fun of yourself or something. YOU’RE SO SHORT! It’s not normal. Stop trying to act tall. I mean… I’m all for self-confidance, but I’m not for acting like someone you’re not. Shoot, my ears stick out. I look like Dumbo. I’ll accept it. I may look like a white elephant, but I try to avoid them at all costs.

God, I sound harsh. Case in point: Short guys creep me out, and I’m tall.


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