I almost DIED (but not really)

So yesterday, I was at the river with some family for Memorial Day. It’s my grandmother’s river house, and to augment the environment, my dad purchased a boat and a jet ski, which goes well used by the whole family.

I got my boating license about a year ago, so I’d be able to drive the jet ski. Anyway, I was driving it around yesterday. Me and Tyler even got to give my three year old cousin a ride. She’s a brave one.

Then my other cousin wanted a ride. She got on the back, and I drove her around a bit, making sure to jump waves and increasingly accelerate so as to make her first time memorable. The river was rough yesterday so there were plenty of waves to choose from. We found a patch that was particularly jarring. Going 45 mph and jumping waves with two people who greatly differ in weight distribution probably wasn’t the best idea.

The back-end veered in the opposite direction to which I was steering, and when it started to tip, there was no stopping it. We flew off, skidded across the water, and landed a good distance away from where the jetski cut off. I had to swim to it, jump back on, and thirty minutes of laughs and trying to get my cousin back on the ski, we made it back to the house.

It wasn’t until my cousin said, “I lost my sunglasses!” that I realized I had been wearing my Ray-bans. Let’s just say I wasn’t wearing them anymore. I was pretty pissed about that. Still am actually.

Also, my grandmother broke her hip yesterday and today she is getting surgery. It was a Memorial Day to remember. It was a MEMORABLE day. Get it? HA that’s funny. Guys, laugh.


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