Top Ten Tuesday!

I’ve been looking forward to Tuesday since…last Tuesday. I love this idea that I stole from some other blogger!

Here, my friends, are my top ten favorite movies of all time (10 being my most favorite):

1) Newsies – I love this movie so much. I have seen the musical twice on Broadway. I gotta tell ya… there is nothing better than a bunch of cute dancing boys.

Cover of "Newsies (Collector's Edition)"
Cover of Newsies (Collector’s Edition)

2) Insidious – This has to be my favorite horror movie of all time. It still gives me the creeps, and I’ve seen it many times.

3) Super 8 – I love the cast in this movie. The kid with the buck teeth is so funny!

4) The Stand – This movie made for TV, based off of Stephen King’s novel, is a sensational movie. It’s like six hours long, but soooo worth it.

5) Monty Python and the Holy Grail – “Tis but a scratch!” Sooo many sound-bytes.

6) Romeo and Juliet – I just love the concept. Thank you, Shakespeare (if you actually wrote it).

7) Pride and Prejudice – The book, the movie, the author, all great.

8) Cold Mountain – I just saw this movie for the first time the other day and I fell in love. Jude Law, mmmmm.

Cover of "Cold Mountain (Two-Disc Collect...
Cover via Amazon

9) Pearl Harbor – Still cry.

10) Titanic – Always crying. Leo was my first ever crush. Well, him, and Peter Pan.

Also, I just signed up for HubPages where basically you write and hopefully make money off the ads placed on your page. I wrote a review on Gone by Michael Grant, and I was damn proud of it. Until, they told me it wasn’t good enough so they took it off my page. WHAT?! I didn’t even get to save it! Now I have to do it all over again!



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