I’m such a late blogger

I am currently sitting in my parent’s room, on the bed, staring at my mom who has just gotten surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma from her FACE. She is miserable. She just burped. She’s sipping coffee through a straw and I’m trying not to laugh because if I do, she will laugh and that will hurt her. My brother is arguably the house clown and likes to make people laugh, even though it pains them. He’s been a great helper. (sarcasm. heavy, heavy sarcasm)

Earlier after my mom took her pain pills, she was ridiculously groggy and totally out of it. She asked me what time it was like five times. “7:30.” It’s 7:30, Mom.” “Still 7:30.”

Also… I realize I said before I wouldn’t apply for a waitressing job, but folks, I gave in. I applied for a waitressing job. It’s at a local diner in my hometown so it shouldn’t be AWFUL, right? RIGHT?! Seriously, though, I went there tonight and the crowd looks pretty chill, and the staff seems pretty nice, so we’ll see. The question is however, where I would rather work. Old Navy or this local cafe place? Waitressing or retail? If any of you have worked in either or both of these type jobs, GIVE ME SOME ADVICE! I just need some money.

I’m back from school. I took my last exam this morning on Mark Twain (I love him) and I really thought it would be easier, but it was so hard. Failed it. (Get it? Instead of Nailed It…yeah)

My mom is now talking on the phone to my grandma and omg she sounds so funny. Her lip is so big. Don’t laugh, Stephanie. Don’t laugh. Also, my grandma is sick and just said she was “sicky-poo.” She likes to add “ee-poo” to the end of words. Cute, right? Sorry… cutey-poo, righty-poo?

k bye

P.S. If I wrote a song called “Basal Cell Carcinoma” would you guys listen to it?


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