Still not sure of a theme…

The most exciting thing that happened with me today was the nap I rewarded myself for about two hours. I’ve also decided something.

I’m going to be completely real on here. I have been honest thus far, I promise, and it was never my intention to fake anything. But like how I am in real life, I try my hardest to impress the people around me. Instead of doing that, I just need to be myself. No one else’s opinions matter but mine. It doesn’t matter if you think I’m smart, or funny, or pretty, or productive, or, I don’t know…. exotic? Do you guys think I’m exotic? God, I hope so.

Anyway… Yeah I wanted to say that, because maybe you guys didn’t get the vibe, but I myself felt like I was trying way too hard. I’m tired of doing that for people. Is not caring a bad thing? There is a difference between stone-cold apathy and…. geez, I don’t even have a contrastive word. Too bad, too. That could have become a famous quote.

I guess I’ll have to settle for another one. Quote me on this. Lizards detest the thought of sensitive salines.


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