I am Banana Woman

Today, I looked like a banana, but a very cute banana. On my feet, I had yellow shoes. I wore a yellow dress recently bought in NYC, and yellow earrings which I purchased in Costa Rica last summer. They are butterfly wings. Shut up, Insect Activists. I didn’t kill the butterfly. I just bought its wings.

Today I also proved myself to be a bad friend. I was supposed to go to one of my best friend’s directing showcase thing. She was in a directing class this semester and for her final project, I guess, she had to direct a scene. Anyway, that was tonight at 7 but I missed it because I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 7:40. I felt really bad, so I bought her flowers and put them in front of her door for when she gets back. I know that’s not the same, but it’s something, right?

Also, I’m getting better at Penny Boarding. Remember cute pink board with the blue wheels? No? Go back and look at it STUPID. So, yeah, I am getting better, besides the fact that I look like an idiot when I ride it. 1) I’m tall. 2) I have long spaghetti noodles for arms and legs and 3) I’m just awkward, ok? So that’s discouraging, but such is life.

I’d write more but I have lots of due dates coming up so I have to focus on procrastinating. Ta-ta! Ew. Catch ya on the flip side! Still no. Later Gator……? I NEED A SIGN OFF.

Peace. Love. Heroes. (That works. It’ll change.)


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