Eleven Things I Love

I’m kinda in a bleh mood, and because I’m adamant about posting every single day, I’m going to use this post as a Ten Things I Love sort of deal. Honestly, nothing interesting happened today, so yeah, here you go.

1) I love to read. I’ve said this before, but I must repeat it. If I had a mountaintop, I’d scream atop it, but I only have a computer and a blog (reference to Anchorman). Books are my escape, and I think, for me, it’s safe to assume the line between reality and fantasy is blurry. Yeah, I’m one of those people.

2) I love to write. I am currently working on a book, well two books actually, and even though I’m too lazy most of the time to continue them, I love the idea of adding more. The characters which I create become my friends, and I use them to live the life I sometimes wish I had. But if I had those lives, it wouldn’t be fantasy anymore, would it?

3) I love One Direction. I’m sorry, ok? I’m a thirteen year old girl at heart, and I’m not at all ashamed. Well perhaps a little. These five boys just get my heart a-beating, and it’s on the fast track to never stopping!!!!

4) I love Game of Thrones. I’ve just caught up with the show, and I hate the fact that now I have to wait a week in between each new episode! It’s absolute torture.

5) I love Vampire Diaries, and Paul Wesley. That is all.

6) I love photography. My parents just bought me a Canon Rebel for Christmas and I love it! Photos are taped all over my wall now, and Tyler recently bought me a 1960s Minolta which is freaking amazing!

7) I love Imagine Dragons. Whenever I’m driving, I typically fall back onto my Imagine Dragons album and drift into peace world. I don’t let myself drift too far, however. Then I’d crash my car and just possibly die. How am I supposed to listen to Imagine Dragons while dead? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO IMAGINE DRAGONS?!

8) I love NYC.

9) I love cats. God, I love cats.

10) I love a good dose of videogames. Call of Duty would have to be my favorite.

11) I love to sound smarter and more confident than I actually am. Defenestrate.


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