Lesson #9: Expect To Lose It All This Holiday Season

My Christmas “Lose It All” Playlist

  1. All I Want For Christmas Is My Money Back
  2. Santa Baby [Please Save My Bank Account]
  3. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Poverty
  4. Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain [Dollah Dollah Bills Ya’ll!]
  5. Here Comes The IRS
  6. Do You Hear What I Hear? [The Dry Cough Of My Barren Bank Account]
  7. The Twelve Days Of Financial Insecurity

Ahh, don’t you guys just love these Christmas classics? Me neither.

Lose It All


Christmastime is like going to Las Vegas with $1000, knowing you’re going to lose it all, and then losing it all. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE giving gifts; but it’s buying them that becomes taxing. The worst part comes once Christmas is said and done, after everyone has opened their presents and the excitement of watching their faces when they open their gifts has worn off. The worst part comes late at night, at the darkest hour, when you’re laying in bed alone, surveying your bank account. Only then do you realize what you’ve done. Did you lose it all? Yes, yes you did. You, my friend, just got crapped on by a Christmas Craps table.

Way 2 go!

And the only person laughing is good ol’ Saint Nick, a contrived symbol of Christmas spirit–a man who prides himself on his ability, or should I say resources (i.e. elf slave labor), to spread holiday cheer across the globe–a soul who’s sole purpose it is to guilt you into fulfilling this gift-giving expectation and spend all your money on pointless things just so you can check off a “good deed” for the year.

Cindy Lou Who _2
‘Lil Cindy was onto something…
Yikes... nevermind
Yikes… nevermind

I sound like The Grinch. I’ll tone down the cynicism, because I’m not really at all cynical about Christmas. I LOVE GIVING GIFTS. But isn’t it interesting that we only do this once a year, excluding birthdays? Why aren’t we giving gifts all the time if it so clearly makes those closest to us happy?

I’ll tell you why… and it starts with a $. Because all that money you’ve saved up so you can move to Chicago in a year–you’d lose it all. Every last drop. At least, it will feel that way. But hey, it doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your best friends and family with a little something every now and then. Heck, I know I’d appreciate it. (Hint Hint)

I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, and while it came as a relief, I soon felt a deep, yearning emptiness in the part of my heart that’s synced to my bank account (You’ve got to buy the app). So you know what I did? I took off my pants (as I do when I get home) and got in bed. If I were a robot, the minute I closed my eyes would be accompanied by that sound robots make when they’re powering down, like a jet deaccelerating, a low yrooommmmm. Then begins the recharging period. But because I’m not a robot, I let myself fall asleep, enabling the defense mechanism that prefers to slip away into dream world rather than face reality.

Give It All

Yeah, it sucks having to spend so much money during Christmastime, but there’s nothing like seeing the smile on the faces of the people you’re gifting. There’s nothing like the warm feeling you get in your heart, that trumps the aforementioned emptiness. Yes, giving gifts is selfless, but it’s also self-fulfilling. It feels good to give gifts, at least for me. It feels much better than the regret I feel upon handing my hard-earned money over to the cashier. That’s what it comes down to. If you’re not a gift-giver. Don’t force it. Everyone has a love language, and if gifting isn’t, do something else to show you care during this holiday season. Take your mom out to lunch. Write a poem for your boy/girlfriend. Compliment your best friend all day until they can’t take it anymore. Do what you do best on Christmas Day… unless you’re REALLY practiced in kleptomania. Do us all a favor and try to deny that compulsion, at least for a day, k?

Lesson learned: Expect not to lose it all during Christmastime, but give it all. And expect to be happy about it.



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