What is humor?

Since getting back on WordPress, I’ve made it a point to follow blogs. I was looking at some this morning, and found myself really liking the humor, particularly from young woman. (See post below.) I was actually laughing while reading, something I hardly do. I don’t laugh when I read, at least not out loud. But, as I chuckled to myself at work, I did something I absolutely HATE doing–comparing myself. I thought, What is it that she’s doing to make me laugh? How is she so funny? How’d she get so many followers? Is it because she’s funny? Am I not funny? Why am I not funny? Because, let me tell you, when I go back and read some of my older posts, I want to gag on the effort I clear put into trying to be funny. I mean, to me, I’m just sad. Not literally. But my attempt at humor is just sad, which really is a disrespect to my father who, to me, is the funniest human alive. What am I doing wrong? When I write, I like to think my voice is coming through, but maybe that’s just because it’s in my head…

Maybe it’s because I write too much about depression and anxiety. Maybe I need to try telling stories. My problem is…I have a severe case of Not Able to Recall Words disease. See, the words sit on the edge of the tongue, and no matter how hard I try, they won’t come out of my mouth. So, as I’m writing, I end up settling for a sub-par word that definitely does not sound as good as what I wanted. Sadly, there’s no cure, which is rather unfortunate for a writer…

See? Look at me… I’m being all self-deprecating again…


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