Facing the Future

I tend to lose hope really easily.

I applied for a job I really wanted for creative writing, and I’ve been trying to keep in touch with the company over the course of the last month and a half. I haven’t heard anything back, after leaving two probably annoying voice mails. I met one of the employees at the job fair the other day, and we were in touch via email, and he really encouraged me in terms of the job possibility.

Anyway, my coworker who I work with on the school newspaper got a call for an interview on Thursday and guess who didn’t. Me. Marie, if you’re reading this, I love you. No hard feelings. (:

I just don’t understand why they didn’t even call me. I write creatively. I’m witty. I’m motivated. Can’t you at least give me a chance? I’ve left you two voice mails, and you can’t even call me back to say, “I’m sorry. You’re not the person we’re looking for.”? I get it. It’s reality. It’s the job world. But that doesn’t make it right. Seriously though, I get it. Don’t try to lecture me, Conscience.

I’m so happy for my friend, Marie, but I’m just bummed. It’s my first “rejection” (I guess technically they could still call me, but yeah, no…) and it’s hit hard. I suppose, though, I’m more angry then sad. I can’t even get an interview? I must really suck.


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