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So I’m reading for my Fiction Writing class, and at the end it suggested I try an exercise so I thought “Why the heck not?” and did it. Basically you are supposed to write as if you were writing to a friend, and discuss a memory, starting with the sentence “I don’t know why I remember.” Anyway, I wrote to Tyler about a memory I have of him before we were dating, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I don’t know why I remember, but I do. You were beautiful, gorgeous, laced by sunlight in your white shirt that clung to the small muscles of your arms. I was thirsty. There were people around, my friends who’d I’d known for so long. You’d known them too. You were standing above me, blank faced, like always. Beautiful. I said your name, through the crowd of our friends. You caught my eye, I shrank inwardly. “Could I have a cup of water?” I asked. I was nervous you’d say no. You nodded, reached for a cup, filled it with water, and handed it down to me. Your finger brushed my own, and I smiled at you. You didn’t smile back, but you gave me water. 


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