I hate titling my posts.

I am severely ashamed of how little I write seeing as I want to one day be a novelist. Today was the first day in MONTHS that I’ve sat down to write more of the book I’m writing. I haven’t been writing short stories, letters, hardly blogging… I mean, how can I make a living out of writing when I don’t make it my number one priority?!

Can I make a living out of writing if I don’t practice it every day? Should I go for something else? I HATE NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO!


One thought on “I hate titling my posts.

  1. It’s tough to be disciplined but if you want to make it a career, my suggestion would be to try and write everyday, even 20 minutes a day at the same time of day if possible. It’s good practice to get writing, even if it’s journaling etc.
    Best of luck to you.


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