Remember that time when I blogged yesterday? Yeah, me neither, cause I didn’t. I’m sorry ):

Here’s an update on my life/summer: I’m insanely bored. I still have no job. My boyfriend is always working. My friends don’t text me, and I have nothing but this computer, a book, and a choice selection of videogames to occupy my time until Tyler gets off work. Help me, I’m poor.

Also, why don’t my friends text me? Am I just not fun? It’s not like you are busy. None of us have jobs, really, so…. And I’m one of those that refuses to be the first to text, or make plans. Granted, I did this weekend, and last week, so I’m making an effort. Now the ball is in YOUR court. Pick it up and shoot. Sincerely, Lonely.

At least I have my computer and this blog.

*sigh* I need a project.


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