Top Ten Reasons We Should All Move to Westeros

Here are my top ten reasons we should all move to Westeros (AKA one of three continents in the world of Game of Thrones)

1) Jon Snow

2) Robb Stark

3) They fight and stuff and have sex ALL the time.

4) There are dragons and I want one. Just a small one. That’s all I ask.

5) I want to be best friends with Daenerys Targaryan. She’s badass and would make a great badass friend.

6) They wear medieval attire and I’ve always wanted to wear medieval attire.

7) There are castles. What more could you want?

8) I want to stab Joffrey Baratheon in the throat.

9) Ravens are like their postal service. Can you find that answer where else? No.


I think I’ve made myself perfectly clear.


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