I have a story to teeelllllll

I finally have a story to tell.

So last night, Tyler and I were on our way to McDonalds. We walked outside, and upon my listening ears a sound projected itself ever so softly.


I of course meowed back because isn’t that what you do when you start a conversation?

I followed the sound over toward a tree, only to find the source stranded on a branch in a tree fifteen feet above me. I freaked out, thought about climbing the tree than changed my mind.

Keep in mind, at this point it is 12:30 at night.

I tell Tyler to get the ladder from our shed, which actually is way too short for this tree. As luck would have it, in our neighbors yard is a ladder laying down that could certainly be tall enough.

We stole it. Borrowed.

Tyler, by himself, was able to prop it on the branch, and I proceeded to climb. Just so you know, I’m thinking I’m rescuing a kitten. But when I get up there, after many shaky steps without looking down, a full grown cat stares into my face, and meows. I mean I like cats, but kittens are cuter so I’d rather be saving a kitten so I could afterwards ask my mom if we could keep it.

Tyler kept telling me to just grab it, but 1)I could only use one hand. 2)I was really scared I’d drop it and then I’d be the cause for it’s fall and 3)It wasn’t close enough to get a good enough grip. Eventually, I was able to coax it over, and get my arms around it. I got down one rung of the ladder with the cat in my arms when it wrestled free and jumped back onto the branch. I cursed at it and then proceeded back down the ladder.

I told Tyler to try but he couldn’t make it up five rungs. He’s scared of heights.

So I tried again. The cat was waiting for me at the very top of the ladder, sniffing it, mocking me. This cat was an asshole.  This time, I grabbed it, secured it to my chest with every lack of muscle I had within me, and inched my way to the ground. The cat tried twice to get free but I won that battle. At the bottom, he leaped out of my arms and ran. I tried to get it again but he darted away from me so I called it a bitch, and helped Tyler put away the ladder, which we borrowed.

Come to find out, the ladder was in our neighbor’s yard originally because they were trying to get the same cat out of a different tree. This cat is an idiot, or its being chased by some stray dogs running around. The cat is actually our neighbor’s cat, so yeah I guess its okay now.

Anyway, I can call myself a hero now. I faced my fear and conquered a feat. I should apply to be a firewoman.

P.S. I’ll be posting an excerpt from one of my books later today since it’s THIRSTY THURSDAY and all. (


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