Dear Trump Supporters,

Disclaimer: This letter to you will be laden with more emotion than facts, but as it seems, facts mean nothing to you, so let’s move on…

What the fuck?

I really should quit social media because, every single time I scroll through my Facebook, I lose more and more faith in humanity—in people I once respected. Ultimately, this makes me REALLY sad. Uncles. Aunts. Cousins. My own father.

These aren’t bad people. But hearing “I have no choice but to vote for Trump” come out of their mouths has a real impact on me. My reaction? It’s visceral.

Dad, you told me the other night that you’d probably be voting for Trump because you can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary. How did I respond? With tears. I had nothing to say. Because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what that PIG of a man says. You’re STILL voting for him… why? HOW?

Women have been demeaned. People of color disrespected. Americans pitted against each other.

Trump is not the man to lead our country.

Trump disgusts me, yes, but it’s the people justifying his words and actions that render me the most disappointed. Many of you are STILL standing behind him despite what he has been  RECORDED saying about women, despite what he has DONE to women, despite how despicable he clearly is. What can I say to you to change your mind?

Because I’m lost. And I don’t even want to talk to you anymore.

Very Sincerely,



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