Lesson #16: Blogs are hard work to maintain

Let’s be real… they are.

I’ve done surprisingly well with this one, but in the last month, my motivation has dwindled. Site traffic hasn’t been bad, but where’s the participation, people? Hey, it’s okay. Don’t put yourself out there if you don’t have to, am I right?

Still, I’d LOVE to hear from the people who actually take even just a small amount of time to read my blog. Honestly, I need that validation to keep my stamina up. Positive reinforcement. I run on that shit. Otherwise, I can get pretty burnt out, and I feel that lately. Life, though… Life is hard, especially when you’re an adult. My parents were right. You don’t actually start living until your pockets are empty and survival is a daily goal.

I committed to blogging once a week, and then, I thought I’d play around with trying twice a week. But alas… I think it’s been a week and a half since I’ve blogged. Let me tell you, though, those depersonalization posts were LONG and hard to get through. I’m glad I have it out in words, ’cause I’m hoping they can help some people. Still, PHEW. I could have said so much more, but that would require more work than I’m willing to put in.

Bear with me as I try to get back into my blogging groove. But remember… every “like” and comment helps. I’m not begging. I’m just SAYING, it endorses my purpose for blogging.


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