One must have patience….

When cooking, one must have the utmost patience…

One must put up with many a thing: oil burns, raw chicken on the counter top, accidentally using too much salt, running out of the key ingredient you need to even make the damn meal, sticky fingers you don’t have time to wash if you don’t want the potatoes to burn… Really, cooking just sucks, okay?

No, I’m being dramatic. I’ve actually been doing it more lately, using this thing called “Plated.” Basically, you order two or more different recipes, two or more meals. The recipes, along with all the ingredients, ships to your house. You NEVER even have to set foot in a grocery store. Yes, it’s a $48 value, but you get a good 4-8 meals out of them. I’m a hardy advocate for Plated I must say.

Tonight, I made Hoisin Chicken Buns with Crispy Brussels Sprouts. Only 750 calories per serving.


I’ve never been a huge fan of brussels sprouts, but these were actually pretty darn good. And crispy. A mix of sugar and a couple of oils to make the sauce can actually redeem those stupid mini cabbage heads. The chicken was TO DIE FOR–that I am NOT exaggerating. Have you ever had Hoisin sauce? If you like asian food, you’ll like this meal.

The coolest thing about this Plated business is that you get to keep the recipes. I’ve got a whole binder full of kick-ass meals with which to impress my lack of friends.

Anyway, I’m quite proud of myself. Before Plated, I didn’t even know what a shallot was. Now, I know the difference between hoisin and plain ‘ol soy sauce. Do you know how to make sriracha aioli? I do.


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