My hometown was in the clouds this morning…

I swear I witnessed the ceremonious marriage of Sky and Earth this morning…

On my way to work this morning, a thick blanket of fog covered everything in sight. And yet, the sun was able to peak through, casting translucent rays through the trees. As I hit the highway, the fog cleared, but a whispy cloud floated a football field’s distance in front of me.

Was I lying?
Was I lying?

Five seconds later, I was in it and through in no less than a minute. I looked to my left where low-hanging clouds inched their way east.

Amazing, yeah?

As if I were sitting in a plane, watching the fluffed sky race by, I was driving through the clouds. I could roll down my window, and feel the wet softness of the condensation. I couldn’t tell whether had come down to meet the earth, or maybe the Earth had moved. Maybe a mountain had grown in the night while we all slept.

Look at it! Would ya just look at it?!
Look at it! Would ya just look at it?!

I think it goes without saying that I was geeking out. I mean, how magical?! I’m not unaccustomed to fog, but never in my life have the worlds converged like this–sky and earth together as one.


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