A Writer’s New Year’s Resolution

Okay guys…

Here is my New Year’s Resolution. I am going to blog AT LEAST twice a week…every week. Committing myself to daily blogging unmotivates me so much so that my rebellious alter ego purposely distracts me with some other menial task just to keep me from keeping my promise to my wonderful blogging followers.

Have you ever wanted to sound like a writer but after trying your best to concoct a perfect sentence you find the operation to be utterly hopeless? I believe I’m providing an example now. Just reread the last few sentences and witness this conundrum at work. Easily you will be able to tell how desperate I am to sound like a writer. I may be proposing this in jest (what a medieval word – makes me sound cultured, doesn’t it?) but it’s a serious problem for me, and frequently discourages my sensitive ego. 

So… in order to give my life a sense of meaning as a writer, I WILL NOT fail at blogging AT LEAST twice a week. I MUST PREVAIL. Plus, if you are following me, you deserve my time, and I deserve to give my time, because my time is worth giving (yeah, keep telling yourself that, Steph). LOVE MEEEE. 


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