a royal arrival…. snore

Today is a special day, isn’t it fellow peasants? Yes, the royal baby was born! OH HAPPY DAY! I’ll forever mark this date in my calendar as a holiday… BECAUSE A BABY WAS BORN THIS DAY. ONE AND ONLY ONE. WHO CARES ABOUT ALL THE OTHER MILLION BABIES BORN TODAY!? THEY DON’T MATTER. THEY’RE ALL PEASANTS COMPARED TO THE GREATNESS THAT IS THIS ROYAL ARRIVAL. In fact, I’m willing to bet this baby was divinely blessed by the actual hand of God.

I mean, really though. What? Do you people realize we are living in the 21st century. Do you royals realize you have the same blood as everyone else. You DO NOT have royal blood. You have human blood. And you birthed a baby, just like everyone else births babies. I’m sure you’re very nice people, so please, don’t assume I’m angry with you. God forbid. I’d rather keep my head.

But seriously… the people obsessing over this new arrival. Come on… it’s a baby. I’m just glad FOX is making fun of the whole thing. At least some people have some sense.


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