Daily Musings

I am beyond stressed out, but the funny thing is……….. is that I don’t feel stressed. I used a bunch of period because I hate when the word “is” is (<- EW) used twice right beside each other. Someone should change that. You hear that grammarians? FIX IT!

So, yeah I’m stressed. It’s basically the last week of school so I have a bunch of papers due. One in particular is due tomorrow (6-8 pages) on Barrie’s Peter Pan. I haven’t even started, so that’s fun. I have a test due tomorrow, a paper, and then another paper due Thursday. I HATE IT! Oh and an exam on Thursday, which I will be studying for all day Wednesday. Probably not all day. Maybe like an hour.

I JUST WANT IT TO BE SUMMER. Can I get an amen? Only, I don’t have a job. I’ve applied for a few, but I haven’t heard anything back, which you can guess is infuriating. Like…call me back, thanks? Usually I work at a Daycare during the summer but I refuse to do so this summer. It’s money, yeah, but children can get old. It feels like just yesterday…..

No, but old as in “I don’t want to be in the same room with you right now because I want to throw something at your face.” I don’t throw things at children, I promise. I actually really like children, but after eight hours, I HATE THEM. So, yeah, it looks like I’ll be laying around all summer reading. OH NO! Not reading! god forbid.

Currently, I am reading Lies, the third installment in the Gone series by Michael Grant. It’s good. It’s definitely aimed for a younger audience but sometimes those are the best books.

Cover of "Lies: A Gone Novel"
Cover of Lies: A Gone Novel

Did I mention how much I love Peter Pan? Did I mention that I never want to grow up? I think that’s a problem. Maybe that’s why I’m so socially awkward. Maybe that’s why I have reality problems. Maybe that’s why I shout random words when completely unnecessary. STAPLER!

I’m kidding. I don’t do that last one. If only.

What am I talking about? k bye


2 thoughts on “Daily Musings

  1. I love, love, love the series! That’s what got my attention to your blog. But you seem like a cool person. Haha, I enjoyed it.


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