Perhaps a sensitive subject

“What is the world coming to?”

I’ve read, and heard this asked frequently in the past week in light of the recent tragedies. The world does seem to be falling apart, doesn’t it? People are dying, cities are on lock-down, fires are set, and bombs are detonated. It’s an awful reality we live in. And I agree to that. At times, I absolutely despise this world we live in.


When people ask “What is the world coming to?” I’m confused. The better question is, “Why can’t the world learn?” Tragedies such as these have been happening since the beginning of time. The only difference is media coverage. Technology has expanded so profusely that we have learned to rely on it, and with better technology, comes accessibility. The world almost seems to be obsessed with drama. New stations might deny the pleasure of attention, but if it hypes their ratings, then well, that’s a good thing… for them (whether they admit it or not).

I’m veering away from my intended subject.

Why are you so surprised? The world isn’t getting worse. It’s acting how it always has, and it all started (if you’re religious) when Adam bit into that apple. If CNN was alive back then, then that probably would have been a hell of a story.

BREAKING NEWS: JEALOUS BROTHER KILLS ESTEEMED SON! (That’s Cain and Abel in case you didn’t know.)

Remember that guy Jesus? Yeah, he was crucified…Humans did that, because humans suck. Abraham Lincoln, ring a bell? Also murdered. The Holocaust. JFK. War. War. War. War. War. WAR HAS ALWAYS BEEN.

Centuries and centuries and eons and eons of cold blooded murder, treachery, theft, and treason. What’s new? It’s awful. It’s absolutely awful, but it’s reality. Instead of asking ourselves “What is the world coming to?” let’s focus on how to stop it, because it’s always been around. OR… let’s focus on the good. I know that’s hard in a world addicted to tragedy (it’s a gross assumption, I know). Regardless, there ARE good people. You just have to find them. 


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