I have had quite the eventful day…

Courtesy of Michelle Best
Courtesy of Michelle Best

Let me preface:

I work for my school’s newspaper as an editor and sometimes reporter.

Preface done.

Basically, our newspaper is kinda boring because nothing ever happens on campus and we hardly have any writers. People hate us, and well, that’s life.

While I was working on my layout, the fire alarm went off, so we were directed to go outside. After my class at three, the fire alarm went off in another building. Shortly afterwards, and to make a long story short, ALL THE FIRE ALARMS WENT OFF IN BASICALLY ALL THE OTHER BUILDINGS. Yes, my university had an arsonist.

He, or she (excuse me), set fires in the trashcans in the bathrooms. AND he/she didn’t just stick to the men’s bathrooms. He/she also targeted the women’s! Sneaky little devil (deviltress?). HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW THE GENDER OF THIS PERPETRATOR?

So I was basically running around campus all day trying to get the stories. I took pictures, went to a news conference, and updated my Twitter every so often. I don’t need to pat myself on the back. That’s what you people are for. I use the term “you people” for demeaning purposes only.


I wonder what the purpose was for doing this. OH NO! Trashcan fires! Now what? My roommate left campus because she was scared the intent was to bomb everyone once having forced students into a concentrated area, which to be honest, was frightening, but that didn’t happen so I’m confused. Okay, good job, you silly arsonist. You’ve managed to…uh…well…. cancel classes for the rest of the day! Thanks!

Now I’m trying to blog while my boyfriend is hovering over me like a lost puppy. I think he needs to go outside to pee, but I’m too lazy to open the door.

I’m gonna include the article from our school website if you guys want specifics: http://www.thecaptainslog.org/2013/news/fires-on-campus-at-cnu/#comments

Apparently our school was trending at some point today because this was so big, but I don’t know if that’s true. Probably not. We are sadly insignificant.

North Korea update: They still suck.


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