Regarding the Boston Marathon

I was going to review the Catching Fire teaser trailer, but I’m not sure I should in light of what the country is going through.

I’ve said before that I hate people. Many times I have said this. It may seem like a shallow judgment, and you know what? It totally is. But when things like this happen, my hate for humanity grows deeper, and I find it hard to climb back out again. By the time I’ve clawed my way out, something else horrible happens and I fall back in again.

Why? Why would someone do something like this? What were you trying to prove? I don’t know who it was, how many people it was, or why it was done. I don’t know if it was terrorists. I don’t know if it was Americans. Regardless of their ethnicity, anyone who would do something like this can be classified as a terrorist. I do know, however, that it happened. And that’s all that matters.

This is a time for the good people in the world to join together, lean on each other, and appreciate what they have in each other. It’s people like those who planned this that obviously don’t know what love feels like. Evil has taken over their bodies until there is nothing left. It drives them so insane that they take it out on good, innocent people.

A boy died. An eight-year-old boy. It makes me sick. A man lost his leg. He’ll never run a marathon again.

It is human nature to be self-distructive, greedy, and sometimes just plain stupid. This wasn’t human nature. This was insanity, and it’s a tragedy.

My thoughts go out to the families and victims.


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