I don’t even know the theme of this post…

I absolutely hate the fact that I had no time yesterday to blog! Basically, I was running around NYC all day. I’ll be posting photos tomorrow.

I saw the Broadway Musical Newsies for the second time and GOOD GOD it’s just so amazing. The dancing is astounding and the main actor isn’t too hard to look at, if you know what I’m saying. (exaggerated wink)

I also bought a Penny Board. Observe:

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s pink with blue wheels! GAH! I’ve never ever ever ever been a skateboarder, long boarder, snowboard, nor a snowboarder (I didn’t mean to write just “snowboard” but it was too funny to change so I kept it in. I’m literally laughing to myself so carry on), surf boarder, or any type of boarder ever before, so this is very new to me! Tyler got a blue one and he’s been helping me. I am now able to get up by myself, roll, and steer. I’m a professional. Yes.

It was kinda an impulse-buy but WHATEVER. I bought a unicycle for Tyler for his birthday recently, so I really wanna learn that, too. *My main goal in life is to become accomplished in many things so I can impress everyone who doesn’t actually care. I put an asterisk by that sentence because it’s important. If you happened to overlook it, go back and read it again. Then you may move on…

…to me talking about my dirty fingernails. I just looked down and they look so gross. Ew. NYC fingernails. What have I become? A wild woman?! I don’t even know who I am anymore! WHY AM I ALIVE?

On that note,

North Korea sucks.


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