Ladies and Gentlemen, A Simple Rant

I absolutely cannot stand when people get married under or at the age of 20. I also cannot stand when people, who get pregnant prematurely, post pictures of their pregnant bellies on Facebook. I may sound judgmental, but JESUS CHRIST YOU HAVE TO BE THE MOST IGNORANT PERSON IN THE WORLD. Remember, this is my opinion. I’m not stating fact.

In regards to early marriage: Why, God why, did you agree to a life-long commitment at such an early, naive age? Did you think that would be wise? WHY DON’T YOU WAIT? I’m clearly very upset about this. I had no idea. Go to college, live, get a job, make some money, build a foundation, and then start a family. I get it. We don’t all have to agree with what society tells us to do, but WHAT IS YOUR FUTURE GOING TO LOOK LIKE IF YOU DON’T MAKE RATIONAL DECISIONS NOW?

If society and it’s standards didn’t rule the world, I’d say, sure, go for it. But because our futures are heavily dependent on what society thinks of us, and expects of us, doing things out of order is just sorta ignorant. I wish, I WISH, we could all be free to make our own choices and live how we want, but that’s not reality.

AND NOT ONLY ARE PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED EARLY, THEY BE HAVIN’ CHILLUN’ (children)! WHYYYYYY???!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you going to afford that? How are you going to raise your child without a firm foundation, and a steady income?!?!?!?!?! I will treat everyone with the utmost respect. I am a nice person, but I cannot agree with these life choices. I see girls, from my high school, decorating their Facebook pages with baby pictures, and pregnant pictures, and I want to scream.

Rape is a very real thing. Let me take a moment to touch on this. I understand it happens, and IT IS NOT THE GIRL’S FAULT, no matter what she is wearing. She may look like a slut, but that doesn’t mean she wants a D in her V. Sometimes, because of rape, girls get pregnant. But do you have to keep the baby? Is that honestly in the child’s best interest? NO.


GAH IM GETTING MAD JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS. Hence, the caps. Feel free to disagree with me.


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