Lazy Girl Problems

I didn’t have class today, so I slept until 11:30. Oops. #lazygirlproblems I have a secret hatred for hashtags and yet I use them.

When I finally allowed myself to awaken, I continued to lay in bed to watch Game of Thrones for the next five hours (more like three). I caught up with the episodes, so that’s fun. Now I can watch alongside all the other avid fans. I’m also going to buy the first book.

Tyler and I visited a small beach today to sit and revel at the beauty of the James River for, mmmm… like…. ten minutes because it was so cold, AND I left my camera at my apartment soooo….yeah that was a disappointment. BUT WAIT.

We decided to stop by Barnes and Noble, and here I have sat, reading Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Princess for three hours. Its been a very productive day (sarcasm).

Also, right now as a type, there is a girl sitting at a table beside us, talking very slowly and incoherently and I really want to laugh but I couldn’t possibly. Why am I speaking like a Victorian English girl? I envy the guy to the left of me wearing fat, impenetrable headphones. That man knows real peace (depending on what he is listening to I suppose). Metallica?

Tyler has started reading Lord of the Flies. Isn’t it cute? He is attempting to read. I’M KIDDING.

I’m almost done with Clockwork Princess so expect a review of it soon.

For now, I’m going to review the caramel frappe I just ordered. It sucks. I made Tyler drink it. I asked for light coffee, and I think she went light on the caramel. I hate it, but I can’t send it back, because that’s rude. I’m one of those people that accepts the plate of food I didn’t order at a restaurant to avoid hurting the waitress’ feelings. I know. I’m a saint. If I had a dime….

Unfortunately, I have no dimes. Help me, I’m poor. Didn’t I just recently end a post like that? God, I’m a blogging charity case.


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