Fried Pickles and Tequila

So I went out to a restaurant tonight with Tyler where I’ve been before like twice. They have the most amazing fried pickles my tongue has ever encountered. That’s right. My tongue not just tasted the glory of this special recipe; it encountered. We decided to order an entree to share (london broil with green beans, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes). I SWEAR THIS WAS THE BEST MEAL I’VE EVER HAD EVER. I am not exaggerating, and the caps used are more than justifiable. The sweet tea was superb as well.

Tyler and I decided to make this place our own, thus, whenever we say “Hey let’s eat at our place,” we will immediately know where that is. Clever, right? And original. Mhm.

I know I’ve already posted for the day, but I wanted to make another one because well, this is my blog and not yours (nailed it).

Also, I tried tequila for the first time tonight and 1) it’s disgusting 2) it doesn’t take much to get me tipsy. It’s actually really gross. It makes me gag. Thank God for orange juice. I’m actually drinking it now while blogging, and listening to Game of Thrones in the background.

I’m not a big fan of drinking because it makes me feel out of control, but it’s nice to feel loose every now and then. I am a very busy woman. On a daily basis, my days are filled with sleeping, eating, and the occasional light read. How I get through the week I have no idea.

I’m sorry if there are any typos. I did my best to deny their existence in this post. In the meantime, I’m going to continue my relaxation techniques and sip on the essence of life. What am I saying? Help me, I’m poor.


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