I shall wed myself to Peter Pan

I never want to grow up. I really despise the thought of my joints getting crunchy (good adjective choice), and my mind growing less intuitive. Being young is a gift, and I don’t want that gift taken away from me.
I have the attitude, and it may be silly or irrational, that the older generation has no power, no innovation, no room for improvement because they are so adamant about consistency. I can’t be that way.
With youth comes freedom to grow and live and experience. The older I get, the more that is expected of me. Marriage. Children. Job. Money. Etc. And if I deny these things, I am immediately ostracized as a rebel. I can’t live that way either.
To be a young rebel is normal because people just see it as a stage, whether it truly is or not. I can use the excuse of naivety, even if I don’t agree with it.
The older generation truly thinks what they believe is the right way. That’s not the case with all of them, but I’m literally watching a documentary right now about high school and there is a clear theme of adult oppression against youth. Watch “The Breakfast Club” and the same theme shines through.
The world needs change. People need change.
I understand sometimes the older generation is only trying to help, and they do. I don’t deny that, but GAH!
In conclusion, I wait by my window every night for Peter Pan to wisp me away to where I can forever live in a LAND where I NEVER have to grow up. See what I did there?
My next post will be more funny. I PROMISE.


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