Daily Musings

So I’m going on a road trip this summer, and I’m so very excited! My boyfriend and I haven’t decided when we leave; however, I assume it will be in the next two months seeing as I get out of school in a month (thank the Lord). We, nonetheless, somewhat mapped out our journey.
First, we will be traveling to Washington D.C. (I think) to visit the museums and watch people do stupid things as they walk by. I suppose we can do that wherever we go because stupid people have taken over the world. Except for those of you reading this. You guys are amazing.
Second, we will be visiting Hartford, CT to tour Mark Twain’s house, where I will close my eyes and imagine his presence blessing this earth once more. Tyler, my boyfriend, will probably stay at the hotel. I’m kidding, Ty. You’re very cultured.
Third, NYC, baby! Ew, I never say that, but I’m too lazy to go back and fix it. I will spend the majority of this visit giving Tyler a tour around the city in which he’s never been. It’s a crime, I know. Nonetheless, we will have a grand old time drowning in the bodies along the streets of Time Square. I’d also like to go Big Apple clubbing. omg txt it.
Then, we will make our way to Niagara Falls. I’ve never been there so I can’t wait to take pictures of this epic tourist attraction of gigantic proportion. I like adjectives. Wonderful, happy adjectives.
THEN, we will come down through Ohio to spend a couple of days at the country’s most reputable amusement park, Cedar Point. There I will scream and laugh to my heart’s content. I might even giggle a few times. Seriously though, I love this place. The roller coaster is my totem animal, I believe.
Finally, we will drive home if it suits our fancy. I’ll obviously be frivolously and frantically blogging during this trip to update the world on my excursions. Also, I want you all to be insanely jealous. I’m kidding, but actually.
I also ask that you please not stalk me during the duration of my trip. That would make me uncomfortable and possibly a bit anxious. I already have enough anxiety as it is.


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